From fied in compose show several time same email


I would like to report an issue I noticed on runbox7 webmail.

In the compose windows, if I click on the from address to change it to an alias, the email list will show 4 times my main address on top of the aliases lists.

See below:
black painting is 4 times same main mail address.
green is my 1st alias

Hi @poule and thanks for your message.

Duplicate entries may be shown if you have several Preferences with the same email address in Runbox 6.

We’re currently working on a new Identities/Profiles system for Runbox 7 which will offer much more flexibility, and which will replace the folder based profiles in Runbox 6.

@hernan may provide further details. :slight_smile:

– Geir


Hmm, but so far I played only with 1 directory/profile (if it does matter). Anyway, the duplicate are not blocking point, I just wanted to report it. I look forward for the new profile management.!