FROM NAME lost when replying

When I reply to a message, the From address correctly shows with my name and email address.

Example: Charlie Brown

But the name component seems to be dropped once the message is sent. The Sent folder only shows the email address (and with a weird capitalization - please don’t do this. :dodgy: ).

Example: Charlie@Brown.Com

It’s more messy than that …

My account (what I use to login) is I never use this address for sending/receiving emails and there is no real name associated with this address. I use Charlie Brown in the From field (I think this is called “identity” in RB6).

When I send a message from Charlie Brown the Sent folder shows Charlie Brown (name only, no address, unchanged capitalisation).

Just for testing I sent a message from which was displayed as from Charlie.Brown@Runbox.Com which IMHO is sensible, give there is no associated real name. The capitalisation in the domain part is harmless, but weird and unnecessary.

A related request: In RB6, the Sent folder displays the To: field, not From:. IMHO this is much more sensible. Please change.

The From/To switch is already an open issue (#736) and will be fixed.

When this is done the other issue described above should become irrelevant.

  • Geir

I am glad that what I am noticing is already known to developers. I am just unhappy that I am a one-star General whereas The Digital Orchard is three star. Sigh!

Issue #736 has now been fixed.

  • Geir

Indeed. The Sent folder now shows the To: field.