Full Height as default Setting

Has the default preference for email to open “full height” been made available in Settings yet? If so, I could not find it.

After clearing browsing history it is annoying being required to select the option for Horizontal Preview then Full Height so all emails can be read with the larger window or pane.

Making this even more annoying, I was recently notified in my open Runbox email tab that a new version is available & to refresh the page. This is common & after refreshing the page everything works great, most of the time.

But in this particular instance, after refreshing the page & opening a new email in my inbox no email interaction buttons appeared at the top of the Horizontal Preview & the menu above the inbox with the hamburger menu & Search bar etc were also missing.

Refreshed the page, waited for it to load & all of the same items were still missing. Everything did not load properly until refreshing the page a second time.

Please make it a priority to add the default preference for email to open “full height”. If possible it would be great if the option were enabled by default when it is added so users don’t have to seek it out or post more help requests & then be told how to find the option.

If the option is not enabled by default when it is added, please send all users an email about the feature being available & where to find it in Settings so we can enable it.

Thanks for your continued efforts & availability to address feedback and help requests.