Garbled letters on 7 but not on 6

There are cases where letters in the text become garbled even when there’s just simple English language texts (e.g. email from Microsoft…) on 7 but all are correctly displayed on 6. Is this a known issue or idiosyncratic to me?

Hello. Do you have any examples of this you would be willing to share with us in a support ticket ( We can then look in to what might be causing this. Thank you.

I have deleted the garbled messages, and I don’t have any example to share. I will do so when I find a new example. Thank you.

I found out the garbled letters in HTML only appear on Microsoft Edge. Not on Vivaldi or Firefox browsers. They are all Chrome based, so I don’t know why only Edge does that.

I’ll have a look when I get a moment to see if there are any messages in our test accounts that show the same thing in Edge.

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You might want to check out Brave as a browser. I’ve been using it for a few years. They are all about privacy, blocking ads and other positive things.

Thanks for your suggestion but I love Vivaldi browser.