Getting stuck in Draft / Compose

I have just composed a message. There is one other message in the ‘Draft’ folder that appeared while I was composing - it looks like an earlier version of the one I actually composed but not sure how it got there.

Before sending my message I want to check something in my Inbox.

However, I cannot get out of the Draft / Compose screen.

I click on ‘Inbox’ folder (or any other folder) but no response.

I try deleting the spurious draft but it remains there.

I close (using ‘x’) the message I have been composing, but that doesn’t help.

I am on[size=small][font=Arial] [/font][/size][size=small][font=Arial]2018-07-01T10:52:35.465Z[/font][/size]


Hi Richard,

In Compose mode, the app will auto-save the message as long as it’s open. This is subtly indicated by the “floppy disk” icon in the toolbar changing momentarily to a “cloud” icon.

Which browser are you using when you get stuck in Compose? I can’t reproduce the issue in Firefox 61.0.1 on OS X.

We just deployed a new version so please try again anyway.

  • Geir