Handling of attachments

It looks like the way attachments are handled has changed (I’m on 2018-08-29T16:49:00.046Z).

The icons are much larger but I’m missing the option to download the attachment rather than open it. It would appear that I can only now click on it and have it open in the browser. Right-click and ‘Save as’ offers me Runbox.html, not the attachment.

Can you please reintroduce this choice to either open in browser or download - it’s very useful!


Hello Richard,

Yes, you raise a good point there. We’ll discuss that and see what can be done. You can of course download them in the opened window when you are reading the attachment (I’m thinking of PDFs here mainly) but it isn’t necessarily useful to everyone that way.

There is a download button in the latest version.

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Thanks Peter - that’ll save me a lot of time!

A nice addition would be to offer the user the location for the download, with a default.


I’d also like to say that the icons for attachments are way too large!

It may be that this is useful if you receive a number of images and you want to see them as thumbnails, but for all of the PDFs, Word, RTF, etc attachments they just take up too much space.

Can they be made smaller, or user-configurable?


I think that will be up to the OS and the browser.