Handling of Contact Groups

I had a question regarding how contact groups are handled across CardDAV interfaces.

I use Runbox to manage all the telephone contacts in my mobile, and it works reasonably well I might add. The oddity is with my reliance on contact groups, I have a “Personal” group and a “Work” group that I toggle between on the phone.

With iOS’s native Contacts app, this works well, Runbox synchronizes everything across multiple devices, and its generally seamless operation. I am very happy with it.

If I elect to go through the contacts in Runbox 7, the two groups are present, but not populated. All the contacts are kind of lumped together, not in any group, with the “Personal” and “Work” groups empty.

If this was a simple case of iOS handling things in a proprietary non-standardized fashion, I wouldn’t think the groups would show up at all in Runbox 7.

Any thoughts?