How can I delete multiple contat groups


I decided to replace all my Runbox contacts with the current contacts from my phone using the new carddav function. I’ve deleted all the contacts, but am left with numerous (100+) empty contact groups.

Is there a way of deleting them all in one go, or wiping my contacts completely so that I can start again with a clean database?


Hi @andy.willis, welcome to the forums!

I assume that by those empty groups you mean the ones in the old webmail: or are they still showing up and interfering in Runbox 7 too? With carddav contacts groups are only stored in the contacts themselves, they don’t exist as an independent entity.

There is no way in the RMM6 UI to delete contacts groups in bulk. They will eventually all be removed completely as the transition to carddav is complete. If they cause problems to you know I can remove them all for you under the hood :­)


Hi tadzik, thanks for the reply. The groups are definitely still there in the old Runbox version. I thought it was just the groups I was seeing in Runbox 7, but when I click on the envelope symbol, the email address is still there too. I’ve got hundreds of groups as I think I did something wrong when I imported them all last year. They are not causing me a problem as such, only in in as much as I can’t get the email addresses to automaticaly insert when I type a new email to someone that is in my contacts. I think this is a problem with Firefox though, as it worked when I logged in using Microsoft Edge.

If you could delete all the groups and contact emails from my account, that would be good. I will then re-import them from my phone by using carddav.


Hi @tadzik

Similar problem to andy. While the old email web app could mass delete contacts, Runbox7 doesn’t have that ability. My old data is so badly fractured from multiple conversions, that it’s useless. Could you please delete all contacts in Runbox7 for my account??