How do I mark a message as not spam?

I have 2 messages in my spam folder that are no spam. The three dots atop each message allow me to mark them as spam, but I cant see how to mark them as not spam. Do I just drag them to my Inbox?


Mark the message or open the message and then hover over the Spam symbol and you can see it says “Not spam”.

It is the same button, so maybe that can be a bit confusing.

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This doesn’t work. Hovering over the Spam icon in the folder does nothing, and I cant see how to mark the message. If this did work, this way of training the spam filter is not at all obvious. A not spam button would be best.

@barry What does the tooltip that shows when hovering over the icon say?

– Geir


Nothing. But now I see an exclamation icon for marking spam. That works!


News on this? I can’t find “Mark Not Spam” either.

I opened a message, read it, and clicked report Spam. A message appeared that RB was marking message as spam. But, the message remained in the inbox. I went to the spam folder, saw the message there. Went back to inbox and message was gone.

In short: when messages are reported as spam, they should disappear from the inbox.