How do I set the default identity/profile?

I’m not sure what the current term is, but the subject line is the entire question. Thanks!

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Hello. Thanks for your question and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We’ve only just launched identities in Runbox 7 (on Saturday actually) and you will now see an option under Settings that let’s you create and edit identities. The default for new messages is your Main Identity. I hope that helps.

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what’s the difference between “Identity Name” and “From” ?
“From” is clear, what for can be used the Identity Name? For me looks same.
I have 3 emails, 1 main + 2 Aliases, filled the names into From and now when composing I have 5 variants of addresses and the main is??? Don’t understand how should work

The Identity Name is just something you can call the identity so you know what it is for. It isn’t sent when you send messages.

The from name is sent along with the from email address when you send a message.

The main identity is the first one in the drop down list.

Cannot delete “Identity Name”. The associated email address is rewritten again, so I get " ("
What for is this good?

P.S. Now when I select send from I have 6 addresses. 3 associated with name and 3 without name !!! Really…

Whats going on? The fiddling with Identities disabled my iOS clients.
Not able to get / sent emails, password not recognized, mail server not responding…

@OJO Thanks for the feedback – we will be making improvements to the Identities interface in the near future.

Changing Identities settings should not affect logging into the service, so if this problem continues please contact Runbox Support with your username.

– Geir

It would be really nice to set a default as we could in the past. I keep sending from my Runbox address by accident, but I primarily use Runbox to host my personal domain’s email. It’s confusing my family and friends.

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This seems to be fixed. Thanks!


It does? I could very well be missing something, but I don’t see any easy-to-use interface to select a new default… unless we have to manually type in the new default information. Even though I suppose that could technically be considered a “fix”, it’s certainly not an elegant one worthy of what they’re trying to do with RB7. :slight_smile:

I chink @Cheynio referred to the problems described by @OJO further up, and not the actual topic of this thread.

The default identity is the Main Identity shown on the Identities screen, and which is tied to the account itself.

An ability to select another identity as the default would be useful, and @hernan might be able to say more about the possibility of this. :slight_smile:

– Geir

I’m not certain if this is the correct place, but sometime recently, when I enter Compose, the default From is not my primary email address or preferred alias. In identities, my default is my preferred, alias. Is there, or will there, but a way to have your preferred Alias be the default in the compose field.

*** Update —> This fixed itself today.