How do you use your Runbox aliases?


A couple of months ago we published a blog post about how you can use aliases for a variety of purposes.

  • Did we miss any?
  • How do you use your aliases?

Share you thoughts on aliases and the uses for them with other Runbox users by replying to this post. It will also help us improve our support documentation too :slight_smile:

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I use both aliases and the plus tag, mostly with my added domain.

If I have no reason to trust a website, I’ll set it up with an existing alias first, usually my garbage address with a +tag showing the target domain or business, and watch for spam. If I haven’t gotten any after 6 months or so, I’ll consider moving them over to one of my main aliases like ‘shopping@mydomain’.

I have a bunch set up for different purposes, like ‘finance’, ‘hobbies’, ‘gaming’, etc, and some business-specific aliases like ‘usps’, and it all works pretty well. I get on average 2-3 spam messages a month, mostly from crappy amazon sellers.

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Waiting for Runbox 7 to avoid creating aliases specific folders.


If you just need aliases you can create them and they will appear in Runbox 7 also. If you need profiles (where you can have a different name associated with an address) then you would need profile specific folders until we implement “identities” in Runbox 7.