How do you use your Runbox aliases?


A couple of months ago we published a blog post about how you can use aliases for a variety of purposes.

  • Did we miss any?
  • How do you use your aliases?

Share you thoughts on aliases and the uses for them with other Runbox users by replying to this post. It will also help us improve our support documentation too :slight_smile:

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I use both aliases and the plus tag, mostly with my added domain.

If I have no reason to trust a website, I’ll set it up with an existing alias first, usually my garbage address with a +tag showing the target domain or business, and watch for spam. If I haven’t gotten any after 6 months or so, I’ll consider moving them over to one of my main aliases like ‘shopping@mydomain’.

I have a bunch set up for different purposes, like ‘finance’, ‘hobbies’, ‘gaming’, etc, and some business-specific aliases like ‘usps’, and it all works pretty well. I get on average 2-3 spam messages a month, mostly from crappy amazon sellers.

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Waiting for Runbox 7 to avoid creating aliases specific folders.


If you just need aliases you can create them and they will appear in Runbox 7 also. If you need profiles (where you can have a different name associated with an address) then you would need profile specific folders until we implement “identities” in Runbox 7.



The topic is a bit old, but I wish a to add a comment related to my use of aliases and a recent experience with runbox.

I uses sometimes alias when I want to send an email, for example to ask a question to a customer service but I consider the receiver does not really need to have my full name.
So instead of using for example my main address "", I prefer sometime use "".

Then my recent experience: I wanted to send such email from webmail…and…it want to send the email “Firstname Lastname”… This is ruining my attempt for a little privacy :slight_smile:
I found the trick with folders & profiles…But this is pretty weird (imho)…If I want to use 10 alias, I have to create 10 dummies folders ? :sweat_smile:
Maybe it could be added a text field next to address in alias management page? (humble proposal)


Hello. Yes, the need to create lots of unused folders just so you can use profiles could seem a little strange these days.

When Runbox first implemented this way of working some people used email slightly differently and the idea was that you would filter incoming mail to different aliases to different folders to keep them organised separately, and then use the preferences on the folders to ensure you could reply from the same name/address. This could be used for email addresses for personal, work, other etc… and removed the need to have a separate account/Inbox for each address.

These days people use many more aliases for exactly the reasons you mention and the idea of having to create folders for each of them when all you want to do is have a way to send from a different name/address seems strange as you say. We’ve recognised this and in the new Runbox 7 we will be launching a profiles feature that doesn’t rely on folders, and will be more integrated with aliases in a way that is similar to what you have proposed.

The development of this is well underway (I’ve seen it!), and we shouldn’t be too far off from launching it. Hopefully your experience of profiles will be much simpler and efficient once you are able to use this new system. :slight_smile:

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No problem, I can deal with this but good to hear it will be improved in runbox 7 :slight_smile: