How the heck do I check for new email runbox 7

I’m new to Runbox and Runbox 7…I cannot figure out how to manually check email! Where is the icon or tool for this? Where is the setting for frequency of checking for mail?

I have to say that, so far, Runbox 7 is frustrating for someone coming from Gmail/Windows/any other email program with a standard tool bar.

Hi @Patriciak and welcome to the community!

New email should appear automatically in the list (within seconds of arriving) without you having to click anything. You can also click to another folder and back to Inbox again to make sure.

We are considering improvements to the menus in Runbox 7 and greatly appreciate your feedback! :slight_smile:

– Geir

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Don’t you think it might be a good idea, especially since all new subscribers are being set up in Runbox 7, to have a clear document explaining something so fundamentally different as not having a check mail button available? Every single person coming from any other email provider has had that icon on the menu practically since email was invented. Somehow, we’re all supposed to just intuit that the function is now taking place behind the scenes? I haven’t found any such information explaining how the nuts and bolts work (for lay people) since signing up. Removing the check mail option without any explanation as to why, and as to how the function is being addressed automatically is not acceptable. You need a clear, basic, getting started document that explains this, and all the other front-facing changes new users are confronted with upon subscribing to Runbox. I’d even write it for you, to help spare other new users the frustrations I’ve faced since subcribing last week!

Hi @Patriciak,

Yes, that is a good idea and we have a help page here which explains many of the Runbox 7 features:

I have amended this now to include clearer information about the menus and how new messages are displayed automatically. We are also adding a link to the above help page from the welcome message in the top left corner of the interface.

This is similar to how many apps nowadays receive updates without user interaction, but we could for instance implement a drag/pull-down functionality similar to Apple’s mobile app (or Twitter and other social media apps).

Although it shouldn’t really be necessary to click anything to receive email I can see how this simplification to the menu arrangement might be confusing initially. As mentioned we will consider your feedback as we continue making improvements to Runbox 7.

We would be interested in other suggestions on improving our user interface and documentation, and would happily compensate you for your efforts. :slight_smile:

– Geir

Thanks, Geir,

I’ve been using Runbox mainly in Thunderbird (desktop)and FairEmail (Android devices) for the past week or so, just because the interfaces are more familiar. Now that the initial “shock” has passed, I’m thinking that I could probably get used to not having a manual mail retrieval option - if it was clearly explained from the beginning. I believe there’s a sentence about automatic mail checking in the welcome document (or some document describing the features of Runbox 7 - I can’t put my finger on it right now); simply adding something like “so there’s no longer a manual check mail button” to that sentence would make that clear.

The only other interface issue that is distracting to me is the preview pane - I wish there were a way to get rid of that (as an option) and be able to just click on the mail and have it open up in a separate window. It’s not a deal breaker, but I prefer an uncluttered reading screen for mail.

This isn’t related to email, but I notice there are several comments in the forum regarding the calendar. As an individual user, I’m very happy with it! It’s clean looking, easy to add events to, and has all the features I need in a calendar. I don’t need or want it linked to any other online calendar, so I’m fine with it in its current form.

Thanks again,