How to view only flagged messages, and/or use flagged as search criterion

I flag messages often for follow-up. Is there a way to either:

a) See all my flagged messages (in the current folder or across folders) in the usual folder interface? It looks like there’s an unlabeled column for flags, but I don’t see any way to sort by flagged/unflagged.

b) Use “message is flagged” as a search criterion? I’ve tried “flagged” but that just searched for the word.

Hello @ivan

Yes, in the older RMM6 interface you can sort the column by flagged messages, so I would expect we would do something similar in Runbox 7. We’ve talked quite a bit within the team about smart folders, so it would be possible to have a folder that shows only the flagged messages.

@petersalomonsen or @Geir might be able to comment on this in a bit more detail :slight_smile:

@ivan @Dave @Geir Simply type flag:flagged in the search field, and you’ll get flagged messages only.