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Is there any way for webmail do display html by default?


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Thanks for posting and welcome to the Runbox Forum!

Currently this is not possible for security and privacy reasons. We have spent quite a bit of time to ensure that HTML view is secure by sanitizing content, but it’s still possible that e.g. tracking images are shown in HTML mode.

We’re however considering functionality that shows HTML by default for messages sent from trusted senders.

  • Geir

Hi Geir. If you can’t provide a default clean HTML view without the tracking, have you considered the way Thunderbird handles this (an options button to allow choosing to display content from certain servers within a message)?

Just for completeness the options in Thunderbird lets you choose whether to you want to trust the sender, or trust the source of the images. The latter would mean that you then don’t need to do this for other messages that have the same source of images.

The other thing is that you can also see whether the sources of the images are delivered over https or not.

For the default handling of HTML, I like the way R6 handles it, with the plain text and the links separated in a list at the end. That seems to be a safe approach, with the option to see the full HTML with a button. Why not keep what works?

An easier way to view the message as HTML, instead of the current popup, would be appreciated. A simple button to enable for the current message would be outstanding.

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Using R7 for a few hours has highlighted just how many messages I get that are entirely in HTML; i.e. “this message contains no text” warning is displayed. Click the HTML button and the entire message is displayed. Without getting into the debate of whether this is a security issue, these types of mail messages seem to be becoming more common; e.g. invoices, receipts, bank alerts.
An option to designate safe/known senders would be very helpful

Thanks for the feedback – we are currently discussing how to implement this in a safe yet simple way.

  • Geir

I second this.

User experience is ruined if you have to click twice at least for every single message.

Carlos Dourado

As I have thought about this, a one-click option to open HTML content might be a reasonable and safe compromise. It’s having to request the HTML content - one click - and then confirm, “yes I really want what I just requested” - another clock - that irritates.

Thanks for listening.

We are implementing a solution where messages from senders found as recipients in your Sent folder automatically show the HTML version. We’ll be improving on this functionality in the future.

  • Geir

That’s an interesting solution with zero maintenance by the user (which I guess is what you’re going for). I can’t decide if I like the idea or not.

Messages in my Sent folder largely fall into two categories:
[]Conversations with people I actually know, which are usually plain text in both directions.
]Messages to companies/organisations whose email replies are often generated from some sort of ticket system. It’s not unlikely that these messages contain some sort of trackers… does the fact I’m contacting them mean that I trust them? I’m honestly not sure.
Whereas some HTML mail I receive and never reply to, but I trust the sender (certain newsletters, for example).

Just thinking aloud here. :slight_smile:

I’ll be forced to send a message to a newsletter email account which doesn’t accept incoming mail?
And what if I trust a sender but I DON’T want to send an email to him/her/it?

You can always just click to view HTML on individual messages.

Perhaps you have suggestions that would suit your workflow better than what has already been suggested or implemented?

  • Geir

The proposed solution seems more complicated than a “trusted mailer” flag that would allow HTML content to be viewed without the need to preheat the approval process. As a minimum, at least open the content when the HTML button is clocked rathe3r than having to click a second time to verify. That’s three clicks to select and read a message! Too many, IMO.

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I understand you plan to manage a list of trusted senders, automatically filled when replying to a sender.

So keeping this solution (which I disagree with, but I accept it), you could add the possibility to manually edit this list.
This would allow adding our own trusted senders.

Another solution would be to add a button next to the existing “HTML (Toggle HTML view)” such as “Always HTML (Messages from this sender will be always displayed in HTML)”.
And editing the list of trusted senders is also needed in this case, at least for the ability to remove a sender.

Thanks for the feedback.

We’re working on a contacts interface that we can use as a basis for trusted senders of HTML messages.

  • Geir
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I hope you’re not “working on it” the way I was told 2 years ago you were “working on” the ability to have a link automatically be set to open in a new window instead of having to choose that option each time! …
Never happened…

Any recent news on this topic / feature? I would love to be able to whitelist senders to always see the HTML.