HTML preferences not sticking

While this has been mentioned in the past, my issue is a little different. On every HTML email that comes in, I have to select Images for all senders or this sender. Every last one, all the time. I would have thought that if I select images for all senders, that would be the end of it. Do it once, and forget. However, that is not what happens. It is extremely annoying to have to select that option for every single email. I am always on the same computer, using the same tab. Now and then I reboot or restart FF, but nothing seems to fix that particular problem.

If I select images for either all senders or this sender on an email, it works. Switch to another sender and I have to do it again. BUT if I go back to the email I had just viewed, the settings are gone and yet again I need to select images. It will not remember the settings from one email to the other.

Any ideas on how to get this to work properly?

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Thanks for your comment @nathaniel.

We will have a look at this and if it’s reproducible we should be able to fix it shortly!

– Geir