HTML sanitizing and saving preferences across log-in

Hello you all,

it seems like we reached a milestone with the implemented saving of preferences without being influenced by the log-in and log-out process.

That’s great.

In the course of this achievement, I’d like to remind the rb-team to maybe think about getting rid of the weird adjustment option at the right corner above every e-mail.

“Show: Text HTML Images for Alle Senders This sender”

I’m sure there is a more decent way, to implement these options in another beautiful and decent blue pictogram, besides the other pictograms. The last weeks it didn’t even work at all and even though there’s now the saving of preferences across log-ins, it’s still buggy.

I’m using runbox only as a private e-mail for now, so I want to see images and html. For optical reasons this line is mildly annoying. Also the sentence that my e-mail has been sanitized for security reasons?!? It seems to be not affected at all by my adjustments, so why do I need to know? Glad runbox is taking care of my safety, but to be honest… that’s the main reason why I chose runbox, so no need to tell me all the time. :grinning:

If I’m the only one that cares for these visual-things (which are mostly very individual), just ignore this topic.

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I personally like that feature being available for every email because I don’t want to see HTML or have it enabled for every email, even for email from the same sender if the HTML can be avoided. I like choosing what HTML I option I want for each email.

Unfortunately, using HTML is required to read at least half of the email I receive from online purchases and other transactions because the email message often isn’t simple text. An example, after making an online purchase from the words in the email receipt are displayed over a background and can only be read when HTML is enabled.

The most practical change would be to switch the HTML options to a drop down menu with “Show HTML” as the displayed text for the drop down menu.

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I think there is a way to fulfill both our needs and wishes.

We for example get a lot of advertises, informations and product pictures from our distributors which are mostly integrated directly into the mail. Also we get a lot of designs which we share among us.

So the best way would be, to be able to choose the best option on one’s own behalf (give permanent permission to show HTML and/or images and the choice to set HTML and images for every e-mail, like now). The time everything runs smoothly, features and individual settings should be targeted here by the developers/staff.

Unfortunately the saving across log-ins doesn’t work for me anymore.

Well… let’s see what the future brings for runbox.

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Great idea! It would be better for the HTML options to be changed to permanent settings.

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@V-H @Joe We have just released an upgrade that stores all display preferences between sessions and browsers. You may need to adjust your preferences again initially, but they should then be saved permanently on the server.

Regarding individual or global display preferences both should now be possible using the “This sender” or “All senders” options for HTML and/or images, so could you clarify what you would like to see in addition?

We decided to write out the words for these buttons, but perhaps you would like to suggest some icons that are available at Material Design Icons - Icon Library - Pictogrammers :slight_smile: ?


– Geir

This is great :grinning:! Due to using Incognito for everything and blocking as many cookies as possible, my Runbox inbox and other folders don’t have to be continually adjusted to hide the preview pane so emails can be read with the largest viewing window.

I think the icons and labels already in use for display options are fine and do their job. Having icons with permanent text is important so users know what the options are without having to mouse over an icon to see the option name.

:star: While viewing the inbox or another email folder, when the page is reloaded the preview pane will briefly appear on the right and in my case the preview pane will disappear due to the settings I chose. Can this be corrected so the display settings don’t temporarily change while the page loads? :star:

Having the display option settings on the inbox home screen is the perfect place for those options. :grin::+1:

In general it is annoying being required to open a settings menu page to change options, then return to another page to see how setting changes are applied. The most frustrating is when setting changes are difficult to tell apart and screenshots have to be made to tell the difference between setting options.