Identities Showing twice

I am sorry to say guys, but using Runbox 7 has been one of the worst experiences so far… I am setting this up for family members and wow… not good.

  • When “Composing” and clicking on “X”, it becomes a draft (even if nothing has been written in the email). When, if you do this several times and you click on “Composing” again, you’ll see that there are several “New email” windows. It took me a long while to figure out that those were drafts… If one wants drafts, one should go to the draft folder. Why are you re-writing what “Compose” means? “Compose” means to Compose a new email, not to see old drafts.

  • Identities are showing twice for some reason? I have my main identity and then 2 aliases. Yet, when composing a new message, I have 6 options, 3 of them are repeated. Why? Where are they coming from?

EDIT: They are now showing correctly. I had to refresh the page, not sure why.

Another issue:

Move mails to trash, then go to trash, select emails to delete them. It is not possible to delete them this way it seems, the only option there is “Move to trash”. They are already in trash guys.

And yet another issue:

When clearing the trash, the number of e-mails in that folder remains unchanged. One needs to refresh in order for it to change from N to 0.

And yet another one:

I copied emails from one account to a runbox account, and now whenever I login I have to “syncronize index” or the emails are all messed up (not really organized by date, for example). Also, the email counter is messed up unless I refresh.

Really guys, can I ask you for a favour? Try using runbox 7 for 24h.

Hello @samons and thanks for your feedback.

Let me reply to each of the issues you raise one by one.

  • On the Compose screen, the X button closes the draft and the Trash button deletes it (as explained when hovering over each button). Closing the draft will return you to the Draft Desk, which is sensible depending on the context, but we may make this optional depending on feedback. The Draft Desk concept is explained in more detail here:

  • The Identities issue you raise may have been caused by a recent update and I see it has since resolved itself in your account.

  • Obviously agree that “Move to Trash” makes no sense in the Trash folder. Added a new issue for this here:

  • The issue with the Trash folder message count not updating has been confirmed and an issue created here:

  • Do you mean that you need to stop and restart index synchronization for the messages to be displayed correctly? Note that importing or otherwise receiving a large number of messages will require synchronization of the local index in the browser, which we have deliberately indicated with a counter shown near the bottom of the screen. This is similar to how an IMAP client works (although much faster under normal circumstances) and allows users to list and search messages with immediate results. In normal use this synchronization should hardly be noticeable, depending on how often you log in.

We are all using, testing, and tweaking Runbox 7 continuously, and we aware of many of the issues but users like yourself provide valuable feedback when discovering new ones. We’re working around the clock to fix issues that arise and make Runbox 7 a pleasure to use for everyone.

– Geir