Imap and pop down again

Status page shows Systems Down. ETA?
Northeastern PA, USA

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Ah,… I thought we’re the only ones…

Aqua Mail wasn’t working and we were just re-entering the data, reinstalling the app, checked all preferences and log-in details,… but… nothing.

What do you mean by “again”? Doest that happen frequently?

Edit: Normal interface on PC very laggy too.

Kind regards.

It doesn’t happen too often, but it does happen. Normally it is fixed within a short time and they post the status of the problem. Overall a good service with people who care.

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I would recommend to always contact Runbox directly ( so they’re absolutely then aware that there’s a problem. Don’t just rely on them checking up on their Twitter or community forum.

Thanks Runbox for getting a status report up.

The relevant status update is here in case you wish to check progress:

Even better than is as this would then bypass any issues specifically with the email service. We do get messages sent via the support website even when email may be down.

IMAP and POP working normally here in Northeast PA.
Thanks for the updates and hard work.