IMAP/POP Down/Unusuably Slow—ETA?

None of our email clients can connect to our mailboxes as of this morning. Your status page shows both IMAP and POP are down. Do you have an ETA for restoration? Last time this happened, a few weeks ago on 5 Feb, it took over 12 hours to get back. I hope this is easier than the last time and I hope you are investing into the reliability of this most essential service. Runbox without reliable IMAP would be useless to us. Good luck and please keep us posted.


It is a little anoying that 3 hours after having reported the issue there is still no official update neither here, nor on however the issue still persists. Right now, email is trickling in, connections are very slow. It is not possible to download attachments except the smallest due to time outs. Nodeping still shows the services as being down:


I can just repeat what EmailDiscussions wrote earlier on Twitter:

Come on Runbox, you’re letting your customers yet down again! We need updates NOW that you’re aware there’s a problem and that you’re doing something about it!


Must be something seriously wrong with Runbox - these outages are happening more often and with no response. Even just a “Sorry we have a problem get back to you at 3pm with an update” would be useful.

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From the last incident Feb 5: “Reviewing our service monitoring systems and incident procedures in order to improve our response times and communication routines.” This incident is during “typical” business hours too.

Appears no improvments have been implemented. I can no longer suggest this as a viable repalcement service for Google Suite legacy migration. What good is sm and community boards with no response, especially after multiple users have reported in?

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IMAP seems to be completely dead from where I am in Western Asia.


Maybe if more of us complain, we might get some sort of response. At least Runbox7 webmail is working (so far), which is the only thing stopping this being a total nightmare for me.

I am surprised by the lack of updates too… not working here either. Previously I have had responsive customer service…


It seems that email works via the web interface (incoming and outgoing), but not via any client such as Thunderbird or my cell phone.

I too am a little frustrated that there has been no acknowledgment on their page. I understand that, depending on what the problem is, can take time, but by now they should have a notice on their status page letting us know they are working on the issue

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C’mon guys, this is not a good look. How long does it take just to send a tweet saying “we’re working on it”? Give us something.


Bearing in mind what jweI0kNj1tYbC7Q said about the incident in February and promises of improvements, what can we users take from this non-response and what guarantees are you going to offer going forward?


Nearly 6 hours of outage and still nothing from Runbox either here or on their official Service Status page. IMAP is still unusable, no email is coming through at all due to time outs. I think we can all agree that the Service Status page is also useless if it does not show anything related to the status 6 hours into an outage. I am very frustrated because I and my business rely on email.

I wonder if the company is in some sort of a difficulty. I would respectfully appreciate an honest appraisal from one of the owners.


Still down in Northeastern USA, both IMAP and POP. Some update would much appreciated.

Well something finally: IMAP/POP Access Issues – Runbox Service Status
The main app is now having issues connecting

After 7 hours of waiting I find the announcement saying that only “some customers” are experiencing IMAP issues rather hard to accept. If this was such a minor issue it would not be continuously affecting a group of geographically disparate users for such a long time. The webmail client is also becoming less and less responsive right now. How come no one has been monitoring Runbox’s own nodeping status page nor this forum to post an update sooner? What is the ETA to reroute the traffic to different servers/IP ranges if, indeed, it is a brute force DoS? Is the issue related to some other weak link in the Runbox architecture or its connectivity to the world—and in that case, is this to be expected in the future on a regular basis? I really would like to stay with Runbox for 10 years or more as I did with our previous email provider, but the lack of transparency and timely updates bodes poorly for maintaining the trust.

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The monitoring doesn’t really seem to work for them–or at least they’re not paying attention.

POP and IMAP are still down, now for more than 7 hours.

Hello. Thanks for the messages here and sorry about the delay in posting an update.

Please see our status post here: IMAP/POP Access Issues – Runbox Service Status

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi Dave, I’m really wondering what’s going on that you didn’t see that there’s a problem for 7 hours?


Dave, could you quantify what percentage of customers are those “some customers” who cannot use IMAP at the moment? The post on your status page feels somewhat belittling to those of us who have been waiting for the service for almost 8 hours now. Being told that we are only “some customers” for a good reason is fine, but please provide some factual data as the trust that has been eroded a few weeks ago needs some repairing.

On another note, the webmail client is now also affected. Clicking on emails returns message "[object Object] Try again later, or contact Runbox Support at"

Screenshot 2022-03-29 at 18.35.24

Does it mean things are getting better or worse? Are we at the risk of losing all access to email? Fingers crossd you can fix this soon.

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Thank you for all your comments.

We apologize for not having been able to respond here in a timely manner despite our monitoring services and communications across several time zones.

We are improving our communication response times to our customers during incidents like this, while we coordinate and work with our system administrators to resolve the actual problem.

Our system administrator team have been monitoring the situation and working to mitigate the attacks since approximately 11 CEST.

We are dealing with what looks like distributed brute-force attacks on our IMAP/POP services, which are inherently difficult to mitigate effectively since they originate from a number of different IP addresses.

According to our servers logs there are many successful logins to IMAP/POP despite the attacks, which is the reason we can say that some but not all users appear affected. It is however difficult to provide a percentage as users are spread across a large number of servers.

In the meantime our webmail service is operating normally at where you should be able to receive and send email in the meantime.

There appears to be low risk of losing all access to email as a result of these attacks, and any error messages are most likely temporary while some of the related servers are working through the backlog of requests. There is no risk of data loss as a result of these attacks.

We will provide further updates here or at as soon as we have them.

Again we apologize for the problems this is causing for you, and thank you for your continued support.

– Geir