Importing contacts from Gmail to Runbox


I’m considering setting up with you as my mail-provider, but I’m encountering some issues with functionality I want/need to considering going forward.

For years I’ve been syncing contacts with my gmail account to make new phones as small a hassle as possible. The less is stored locally on my phone, the better.

I’m currently sitting with a personal trial-account attempting to import a contacts.vcf into your new contacts solution, but it pops an error message saying my file is not valid .vcf. Parsing error, but there’s no more explanation. I’m assuming there’s a single contact with some unsupported fields or some such, but I can’t figure out what. I went through and deleted some old information and cleaned up my contacts list a bit, but it’s still giving me the error.

How do I move forward? I need to test your DAV-support on my local devices before I consider signing up as a paying customer, but without being able to import my contacts that’s hard to do. I’d like to not have to re-add them one by one, as that’s a pretty large amount of work for such a (relatively speaking) small win…

Hello and welcome to the forum.

We’re aware that some people have a problem importing contacts and what you describe sounds familiar. It’s a recent feature and so we are looking for ways we can test this further. Could I ask you to open a support ticket at so that we can discuss this with you further on an account specific basis? Thank you.

Sure, I’ll shoot a ticket that way, thanks.

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