Index synchronisation & IMAP clients

Apologies for starting a new thread on this but it is not clear to me which current thread is most appropriate - there appear to be at least 2 running on similar issues. Best for you (RB) to triage this and assign appropriately. Just let me know which issue it ends up under.

I have been running RB7 without index synchronisation as it was not working while I also use an IMAP client (Newton for Windows and Android).

I thought I would re-start the index on RB7 today to see if the problems have been fixed, but apparently not:

  • In RB6 I have 7 unread messages of 24 total. (In line with Newton).
  • In RB7, with the completely new local index, I am seeing 112 unread of 172 total.

I don’t see how I can work with RB7 with local index when a completely new index is already so far out.

Happy to provide more information to help solve this.

I have just noticed that the numbers against each folder in the left hand panel are ‘correct’:

  • Inbox 24 (= correct number, although when in Inbox I see 172 messages)
  • Another folder 7 (= correct number, although when in it I see 20 messages)


Further information (on Windows 10 + Chrome):

I tried going back through the old messages that are incorrectly showing in my RB7 Inbox.

  • With some of the messages, simply opening them caused RB7 to then remove them (after ~5 secs) from Inbox. I am fairly certain that these are messages that I had read and moved to folders, possibly in my Newton IMAP client (but cannot confirm).

  • With the messages that I had obviously deleted in the past I opened them, saw that there was no content, tried deleting them, but nothing happens and they remain in my Inbox, i.e. I can do nothing with these.

I then stopped local indexing, waited 30 mins, re-started local indexing, but the situation is exactly the same. Presumably this action serves no purpose, but it would be helpful if someone from RB could clarify this.


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the comprehensive details. Yes, there are still some significant issues with IMAP and indexing. We are continuing to look in to these. I’ll look to see if there is a thread I can merge your posts in to.

Richard: We have re-indexed your account and would be interested in hearing whether some of these issues disappear if you stop and re-start index synchronization.


  • Geir

Hi Geir

I have just started index synchronisation again and the number of messages in my Inbox is correct - i.e. the same as in RB6 - so that’s good news!

I’ll continue to monitor the situation as I use both RB7 and Newton (IMAP client) on my phone.


I have not been looking at emails with Newton (my IMAP client), just with RB7 Chrome on Windows and Android - both have synchronisation switched on.

The contents of my Inbox have been consistent between the two clients until today (Sunday 13th May).

I noticed today that there are two messages that remain, marked as unread, in RB7 Windows even after I deleted them in RB7 Android.

When I click to refresh RB7 in Chrome Windows these two messages are not in the list at first, and then they appear just as the synchronisation finishes.

I am not sure what to send as evidence in this case.

Best regards,

UPDATE The two unread messages are still showing in my RB7 Inbox, even though they do not appear in RB6 or my IMAP client.

Let me know if you’d like any further information, and when I can delete them in RB7 (if they’ll let themselves be deleted).



I noticed that RB7 on Android had not remove a message I deleted so I stopped index synchronisation and restarted it. I thought that deleted the local index and would correct any errors but unfortunately my Inbox now has a large number of messages that had previously been deleted! I repeated the index stop & restart, but with the same result.

I don’t know how the corruption has occured - I am still not reading Runbox email on my Newton IMAP client.

RB7 on Windows is fine.

Is a re-index called for?


Hi Richard,

Apologies for the belated reply here – we have been working on improvements to the indexer and IMAP sync, and have deployed another fix.

Your account is being re-indexed now for good measure, and should be complete within the hour.

Let us know how it goes!

  • Geir

Hi Geir

I am currently using RB7 on Chrome / Windows and Chrome / Android, but I have also had to go back to using Newton (apps on Windows and Android) as it is faster in dealing with a backlog of messages.

I’m pleased to say that - at the moment - there is consistency across all four clients. which is really good news!

Many thanks,

Thanks for the feedback – glad to hear it!

  • Geir

I’m seeing discrepancies between R7 and my IMAP. A new message that appears correctly in IMAP does not appear in R7 at all when synchronization is enabled.

Disabling indexing reveals the missing message. Then it disappears again when the Inbox is re-indexed.

Some strange voodoo going on here…

Does it only affect that one message, or others as well?

  • Geir

Hi, I think this might be the place to enter some information as it sounds similar to what I am experiencing. I have looked around the forum to see where to post, but this is the best match :slight_smile:

Looking in the handy pdf of issues and requests that are known, my issue sounds like #743, but I can’t find a post mentioning it, so I don’t know how much is known about it.

In RB7, when indexing is on, I do not see any newer messages than from the 17th of may in my main inbox. I do in IMAP. When I went to the folder I saw them briefly and then they went away. If I search I see them. Even just entering the fist letter of the subject and they appear in the search result.
Turning indexing off and they all appear, then as I turned indexing back on, they were gone again. Seems a bit like there is a date floating around in the filters, or in the indexing that isn’t updated, and the shown messages are filtered by that.
I have not run an extensive test other than what is above.

As I can’t find posts on this issue I don’t want to write loads if it is already well documented. If it isn’t, let me know and I will provide details on browesers, email clients etc.

If this is not the right thread, please let me know where to post, or if there is a way to look at existing issues and post directly to those, then I would be happy to do so :slight_smile:

Cheers, Mattias

Hi Mattias,

Thanks for your message, and for taking the time to check whether this is an existing issue.

It sounds like your account has an outdated/stuck index, so a new index has now been created from scratch for you. Just stop index synchronization (which will delete the local index) and then restart it by using the buttons at the bottom of the folder pane.

From now on the index on both the server and in your browser should be kept up-to-date – otherwise please let us know.

  • Geir


I think this is the right thread for me too. I use IMAP with Thunderbird (no android or ios clients) and rb7 is worryingly different compared to rb6 for me.

I can see that there has been some manual ‘interention’ by Geir et al. so does this mean there is something still ‘not working’ with IMAP clients and the like?

Also just to give a different perspective I moved a bunch of email from within RB6 and it updated ‘ok’ in RB7 which was a relief.