Index Synchronization question

Normally I use RB6. While the interface is outdated, I find it works better and I prefer the interface to RB7. Once in a while (every month or 2) I will switch to RB7 to see if anything has changed.

Last week when I switched, it started to display emails from over a month ago. Emails that were removed from the server. I check my emails with Thunderbird in POP, so I do not keep emails on the server other than some sent emails. Anyhow, a whole bunch of emails that had long been downloaded using ThunderBird, showed up. (Not there in RB6). I was able to view them and everything. Then I guess when the Sync was over, they all disappeared and it showed me the emails that were still there.

How come those emails were still floating around somewhere? If I use TB to download the messages in POP, it gets deleted from the server. How come they showed up over a month later when RB7 did the sync? Granted they disappeared after, but before that happened, I was able to download and view the contents of those emails.

Hello. The messages would most likely have been stored in the browser from the last time you used Runbox 7. Then as you say once Runbox 7 had done the sync with the server they were removed. It would be similar to using an email client that you hadn’t used for a while. When you first launch it again it would have all the old email and would then update and sync with the server. You can think of Runbox 7 as an app/client running in your browser as that is exactly what it is :slight_smile:

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