Indexing issue? Plus not deleting messages.


I’ve just got access to Runbox 7 beta and immediately noticed two issues.

The first may be related to this issue about indexing and IMAP (I use IMAP most of the time):

[]When I select the “Sent” folder I get the messages currently in “Trash”.
]Selecting “Trash” correctly shows the contents of Trash.

The second issue is very odd - deleting a selected message never happens - the “Deleting…” pop-up appears but it never goes and the message entry does not go away.

I am using Chrome ([color=#757575][size=small][font=Roboto,]65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit))[/font][/size][/color] on Windows 10 x64.

I hope I have supplied the information you need - let me know if you need any more.


The second issue is worse than I first thought - I cannot send a message either.
And this is the same on Chrome on Android - neither sending or deletion work.

So at the moment Runbox 7 is not usable for me.


The deletion problem should have been resolved now. Like you I am seeing problems with the contents of the Sent folder. I’ll get this reported. Thank you.

Thanks Dave - Yes, deletion and moving messages to a folder appear to be working now.

The messages showing in my Inbox are not correct: there are some that have been deleted but they will not go away. Is there a way to force a re-sync? Is that the best way to resolve an issue like that?

Thanks again,

Just to add that I’m also seeing the issue with the Sent folder on FIrefox 59.0 on Windows. When switching the view to Sent from another folder (any folder AFAICT) I instead get displayed the contents of the ‘Spam’ folder or (less frequently) the Trash folder. Mostly it’s the Spam folder but both folders’ contents do appear. The ‘fix’ is to reload the page and select ‘Sent’. The first click on ‘Sent’ will show the correct contents. Any subsequent clicks will show either Spam or Trash.

This should be fixed now. The cause was a fix for issue #736 (Show To address instead of From in Sent folder), which we will find a different solution to.

  • Geir