How does the indexing work? I cannot figure out its logic. i tend to use POP for my email which keeps my inbox relatively empty. I have some stuff in sent as i sometimes send via the web interface.

When the indexing is turned on, emails that i had long ago (sometimes weeks and months) deleted either via RB6 or via Thunderbird (downloading and deleting as per POP) show up again. The search bar on top tells me to start typing to search 1700 emails. I know i have nowhere near that many. Even if i scroll i don’t have that many. I have maybe 7 or 8 sub folders and even counting those i don’t have that many emails.

So i stopped indexing and what i should be seeing i do see. So no idea where it gets the 1700 emails comes from. If i delete emails, either days or weeks ago, i expect them to be gone. I don’t expect to see them again. So i clicked synchronize again to see what happens. Now it tells me click here to search 1957 emails. Where did the 257 extra come from that were not there 2 minutes before?

Lastly, what do the numbers beside the folders mean? My inbox says 52, which sounds about right as i have not opened Thunderbird in a while. With indexing i see only those 52. With indexing on, it still says 52 yet i can go back and view emails back to January. Same goes for other folders.

nathaniel: This indicates something is wrong with the indexing for your account – if you can provide your Runbox username either here or in a support ticket we will investigate it.

  • Geir

Thanks. Support ticket submitted.

After reading a few such issues on these forums, what will happen when RB7 goes live? There have been a few issues with indexing in the relatively few beta testers out there. With the system live, i can imagine that number growing. Has there been any thought on how to prevent indexing problems once the system is live?

We have already scaled the system and have prepared indices for all Runbox accounts. However, we are continuing to make improvements to the indexer in order to handle especially larger accounts and those that use Webmail and IMAP/POP extensively. Additionally there are some accounts that see issues like the one you describe and that we are investigating.

Keep an eye on our changelog for updates:

  • Geir