Introduce Yourself :)


Well, I’m Dave, and I’ve been working with Runbox for quite a few years now, and was a customer before then :slight_smile:

I do a range of things in the team from working with customers so they get the most from the service, to deciding how new features should work and then breaking them once our developers have made something to test.

Along with @Geir I’ve helped set up this forum, and we’ve already have tremendous help from our customers with the development of Runbox 7 through the Runbox 7 discussions.

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Thanks @Dave for setting up this forum and for starting this thread!

I’m Geir (pronounciation), and I’ve been involved with Runbox since the beginning.

I’ve been running operations since we founded our employee-owned company in 2011, which means I am responsible for everything from the development of our services to paying the bills. I’m privileged to be working with such a talented team, some of whom you will get to know through this forum. :smiley:

You are very welcome to introduce yourself too, and we encourage everyone to help us improve by contributing to our community.

See you around!

– Geir

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Hello folks,

My name is Hernan. I am part of the runbox team. I work in many areas of the runbox ecosystem, the fun stuff for the most part. =)
I would like to welcome everyone to this new forum.
Feel free to share runbox experiences with us.
Your presence here is very important and will help runbox systems evolve for the better.



Hi, I’m Åge, I have been member of the board since the company was launched in 2011. I have a background over many years as manager and consultant in ICT-companies, and as a partner in a management consultancy firm.

After my career as management consultant, I found Runbox’ board to be an interesting place to be. Besides working with “ordinary” board issues, I get the opportunity, in many ways, to work as before with ICT and management related projects of many kinds. One example is the implementation of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Runbox.

I have great fun working with a dedicated team, and I am looking forward to contribute to the further development of the company.


Hi, is this topic for customers as well?
I’m a happy customer for around 3 years.
See you around!

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Absolutely yes :smiley:

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I’m Peter - developer on the Runbox 7 project since its beginning in 2016. Working with frontend Angular code, Webassembly ( Xapian search index in the browser), as well as backend development (NodeJS and also some Perl). Been hacking software since the 80s, started in the Commodore Amiga demo-scene.


Hey everyone, I’m Ivan, I’ve been a customer since 2014. Love the new interface, and the open-sourcing of it!

A question for company folks: For non-support requests (i.e. for bugs or enhancement ideas) do you prefer them to be posted here or on GitHub? I’m comfortable using GitHub since I use it plenty for my jobs, but if you’d prefer customers to post to the forum and then let you create the tickets from those posts, I want to respect that. What workflow for non-support requests do you want to see?

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Hi ivan,

The forum is probably the right place. But on another thread :slight_smile:


Hello all,

I’ve been a (returning) customer since this new year. With my good intentions for 2019 regarding privacy, security and sustainability, I think Runbox was the best choice to subscribe to. You have proven enough over the years that you can be trusted. Oh, yes, I must confess that I’m an e-mail addict. :wink: You can also find me on

I hope to contribute something here to make Runbox better.

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@ivan Thanks for your message. Feel free to create bug reports on, while enhancement ideas can be posted in this forum so that we can all participate in the discussion. :smiley:

More information on submitting an issue on Github can be found here:

– Geir


Hello there o/

I’m tadzik, and I’m a developer here at Runbox. I mostly work on the backend, invisible stuff. If everything works smoothly you’ll probably never notice me, but when it breaks there’s a good chance I may have had something to do with it ;­)

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Hi all,

Am Chet and have used many email providers previously and wanted to try Runbox so here I am. I have been using it for a few months and just started using the new interface i.e. Runbox 7.

Something I would like to see in the future would be an android Runbox app rather then using a client.

Overall, it has been great and keep up the good work! :smile:


This thread isn’t the place for feature discussions, but a PWA (Progressive Web App) is available for both iOS and Android: :wink:

– Geir


Hello, my name is Jim. I’m simply a new customer and don’t plan on using this forum for much. However I wanted to compliment whoever came up with the clever little tutorial that @discobot conducts with you when you sign up. I wish more forums taught the basics in a similar fashion. Anyway, cheers!

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


I see @discobot has introduced itself here :slight_smile: invoked by it being mentioned above.


Hello @jstick. Yes, I quite like the tutorial that you get when you sign up… but not everyone feels the same way :expressionless:

It’s part of the forum software that we are using, so Runbox can’t take credit for that :slight_smile: