"Invalid From address"

When trying to send from my (non-Runbox) e-mail address, my e-mail client is now giving me the error:

An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: Invalid From address. Please see https://help.runbox.com/identities/. Please check the message and try again.

It has suddenly started doing this after months of working fine so obviously Runbox have changed something here.

I looked at https://help.runbox.com/identities/ and set up a new identity in Runbox 7 settings with my From address I’m trying to use, but I still get the same error. The Runbox 7 settings page says “Email not validated.” but I haven’t received a confirmation e-mail at my address so I can’t validate it. What can I do?!!

Hello @jeremy.morton Please open a support ticket as this will be an account specific problem and we can’t deal with that here as we would need much more detail about your account and the address involved. https://support.runbox.com

Thank you.