Is preview pane only way to view email?


As far as I can see the only way to view emails in the inbox is via preview pain on the side or vertically below depending on your settings. Am I correct or is there a way to set it up without the preview pain, so that the whole email opens as in regular runbox webmail? I really don’t find these panes useful, in fact I find them a pain. I only have limited desktop real estate and all this is just clutter.


That’s the current state of Runbox 7 yes, but not the final state - and we’re open for suggestions here. Would you prefer to be able to open in a separate window, or just a button to quickly expand the mailviewer to use the entire window ( and another button to fall back )? Or both? Or something else?

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A button just to expand the mailviewer to the entire window would be acceptable. Ideally I would rather have a settings option to open up the mail in full screen when you click on the mail and not have the mail preview at all.


You can expand the horizontal mail viewer to the full height by clicking the up arrow (second icon from the right).

You may then click on a folder to return to the message list, and the next time you click on a message it will open in full height as well.

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OK this sounds possible but not ideal. First the side panel is the default so I actually have to select horizontal preview then click the up arrow key as you suggest. Then when I log in again it is back to side panel preview again. So I am not happy with this option. Much better to provide settings which let the user choose how he/she wants the mails previewed, don’t you think.


Agree on that. Should remember the preview settings, and should be possible with a button to get quick access to full window view.


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Agreed, but what we don’t want is the use of cookies to remember last setting before logout. No cookies please. That’s why I think the best is to provide the options in settings, cookies are often used as an easy way of preserving user settings between login sessions.


In Runbox7 we don’t use cookies for storing settings on device. Either we use LocalStorage or IndexedDB. I think this is best stored on the device since, you may have mobile, tablet and desktop - and you may want different settings on each device.


OK thanks, that’s good to hear. I take it that LocalStorage or IndexedDB are stored within the browser. Will this support all browsers and all OS’s. I run Firefox on Ubuntu, but can also use Chromium or Opera. Will this work on by system. I’m not an expert so sorry if this is a silly question.

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LocalStorage and IndexedDB are storage facilities in your browser on your device. They are established web standards and supported by Firefox, Chromium, Opera, Safari and more.

An example is the local search index in Runbox 7 which is stored in IndexedDB. This makes it possible for you to search email without accessing the Runbox server. No way for any man in the middle or runbox servers to know what you are searching. Will also make it possible in the future to search encrypted emails that you can only open on your device ( a server-based search wouldn’t be able to do this ).

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