Issue with toggling "Read/Unread" status

Hi again,
I’m experiencing a new issue on Runbox 7 webmail.
When I filter my inbox with some specific criteria (i.e.: all the email from *, Runbox correctly displays those email (usually, some of them are in the “Read” status, while some other are in the “Unread” status). At this point if I try to select all of them (or some of them) in order to toggle all of them as “Read”, Runbox quickly changes them to the “Read” status, but after few seconds they all come back to their original state (some read, some unread). Basically I’m not able to change the unread status of my email to “read” status without opening them one by one. This is a “new” issue, I’m not so sure when it started, but almost certainly during the last 30 days. It happens the same on 2 different Mac computes, using Brave, Chrome or Firefox…
Please, can someone help me?

No one can help? Please

@Geir, @Dave … Someone can help, please?

Hi @ilcieco and apologies for the late response!

I have reproduced this bug and created this issue for it:

We will try to get it fixed right away!

– Geir

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Hi @Geir, thanks for the response. Hope to see this bug fixed asap. More than a month has passed since the bug showed up. I wish I asked for a solution way earlier than I did.


Hi @Geir, any update on this issue? This topic is 20 days old, but the issue is still there. I know that Runbox 7 is a “beta” release, but if issues persist for months, there no way that we (the clients) can continue using it and help you making it better. For me, not being able to revert back the “read” status of an email to “unread” (and vice versa) is a real problem, not just a minor hiccup.
Personally speaking, is the first time in years that I’m really considering moving away from Runbox in favor of a different mail service provider, despite I already have some years already paid with you. This is not strictly because of this issue, but mainly because I felt somehow “abandoned”. I’m not complaining after a couple of days, but when weeks pass and nothing happens, this is really discouraging.
I am also monitoring GitHub, and I noticed that this issue was self-assigned to “castaway” contributor just 6 days ago (aka, 13 days after my thread opening). This issue started with the Runbox 7 built of May 23rd. This means that Runbox 7 users are dealing with it as long as 65 days (and counting).

I really hope this issue will be fixed ASAP, but more importantly, that someone start giving us updates about it, because feeling abandoned is the worst thing possible.



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So, another 6 days passed and no updates at all? This is becoming serious. Please can we have some sort of update at least?

@Geir, almost 3 weeks has passed since your first (and last) update. Do you think this match your customer support standard?

@Geir @Dave, may I have some sort of update, please?
Let’s say at least 1 update every 7/10gg, if the issue is still there?

Oh, by the way, the GitHub report issue that you created @Geir, has been closed, as if the issue was then fixed (that is not the case unfortunately). This means that at the moment no one is actually woking on it anymore?

@ilcieco We apologize for the lack of updates here and will do better with replies going forward.

A fix to the read/unread issue is on the way to production now.

– Geir

Thanks @Geir. Hope to see this fix soon! :slight_smile: