Keep html format [#738]

When replying to or forwarding a message displayed in html, this message should be embedded in html instead of switched to text.

(Firefox ESR 52.6 on Windows 7)

Thanks for the suggestion and welcome to the Runbox Forum!

We’ve added your suggestion to our to-do list.

  • Geir

Sorry but this should not be managed as a suggestion but as a bug.
Indeed if the message to forward contains only html without text part, then there’s currently no possibility to forward it: its content is empty.

Ok, updated accordingly.

  • Geir

I would like this feature too. Wish there was a way to “vote” or simply “thumbs” up a post to show support.

There is: in your reply, click on a “Post Icon”.

This was handled in issue #738 and now fixed.

  • Geir

Indeed it works.