Keyboard navigation oddities when composing a new message

When I compose a new message, the cursor is placed by default in the body of the message; this is highly unusual. Runbox 6 places the cursor in the To field as it should.

Then, once I have clicked in the To field and begin to type addresses (which, also unlike Runbox 6, require the use of the arrow keys to select), it is then impossible to move from the To field to the Subject field. No amount of pressing the Tab key will help.

These two things combine to make message composition frustrating.

Hi @wmrbf and thanks for your message.

The cursor is supposed to be placed in the To field unless the message is a reply, but it seems this functionality has regressed. We’re looking into it now.

Pressing Tab in a recipient field will move the focus to the next field (first CC, then BCC, then Subject, and finally the message text area), while you need to use the arrow keys or the mouse/trackpad to select a recipient from the list of suggestions.

I agree that Tab could also select the first suggested address and I have now added this issue for it:

– Geir

Hi @Geir. Thank you for your reply. Your message inspired me to try Runbox 7 in Google Chrome, and in that browser, the Tab key works as expected. However, I think I may have stumbled across a browser-specific bug.

I am on a Mac, and if I use Firefox 66.0.1 (the latest version) it does not work.

If I:

  1. Compose a new message.
  2. Click in the To field and start typing an address that appears in the autocomplete list.
  3. Select the address (via mouse or keyboard – it doesn’t matter.)

the Tab key will no longer work after those steps.


Hi @Geir,

Did you see the update I posted to this thread? It seems the problem I reported is specific to Firefox. And as of this writing, I can confirm that the issue still exists.


@wmrbf Thanks for the reminder – I have added this issue now:

– Geir

Thank you very much, @Geir!

I haven’t had a chance yet to test whether the problem affects Firefox on other platforms, but if I get the opportunity, I will.