Keyboard shortcuts (esp. vim-style shortcuts like gmail has)

One of the things I really miss from the gmail interface is the ability to navigate through my emails and perform actions solely using the keyboard, e.g.:

  • j go “down” the list
  • k go “up” the list
  • x select message (i.e. for multiple selection)
  • e archive message(s)
  • o open message (not in this little preview pane but in its own view)
  • gi go to inbox
  • gs go to flagged messages
  • gt go to sent messages

And so on.

Is there any intention of adding this sort of functionality to the runbox interface?


Thanks for your message – this is becoming a popular request and I’ve added an issue at

– Geir


I would definitely like to see this. I have a couple suggestions:

  1. Tooltips when hovering over buttons/controls, so that the user can discover the shortcuts. This would be better than simply having a list of them posted somewhere on the site (and requires less memorization!)
  2. It would be nice to have the OPTION (key word) to disable/modify single-key shortcuts (perhaps requiring Shift for the initial press) to avoid unintentional actions. I would hate to be resting my fingers on the keys, only to have a message vanish and have to go looking for it.
  3. The option to disable shortcuts entirely, for those who decide they don’t want them.
  4. If customization is possible, the ability to disable selected shortcuts. (In particular, I hate Send shortcuts involving Enter. While it may be partially attributable to my physical disability, I sometimes find that I was pressing Ctrl without noticing it, and when I press Enter to add a new paragraph, the message gets sent prematurely and unexpectedly.)

Thanks for reading!

Thanks @wmrbf – I’ve added your suggestions to the issue at

– Geir