Labels / Filters / Folders need significat upgrade

Hi all,
I have several requests:

  1. I really love to be able to use filters to label mails. It’s very useful because I can ‘group’ mails without being forced to move them into specific folders. This is what I do with gmail filters/labels. Is it something we can see on Runbox? This is a top priority for me.
  2. It will be useful to build filters in order to perform more actions simultaneously (i.e.: mark every mail from ‘sender’ as read & move into ‘folder’, etc.)
  3. I use subfolders. This is not very comfortable in Runbox7, because the mail count near each folder only reports the number of emails in that folder, ignoring the subfolders content.
    I have a folder named ‘Social’ containing 2 subfolders named ‘Reddit’ and ‘Twitter’. I used filters to automatically move incoming mails from Twitter / Reddid in their specific subfolders. But even if I have hundreds of mails in those subfolders, the ‘Social’ folder reports zero. I can see the unread/total mail counts only if I expand the ‘Social’ folder in the sidebar, showing the subfolders. This behaviour is not very good, because users have no idea new mail came until they manually expand the folder view in the sidebar. This can become even more uncomfortable using several subfolder layers.

Thanks you guys!

A big hug from Italy (in quarantine atm)

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I think this is an area Runbox has the opportunity to really shine over the competitors. I’ve made a few suggestions, slightly different than yours, but with the same goal in mind. Making organizing your messages so easy you don’t hardly have to think about it.

Folders are something we could do quite a lot with. As the whole idea of Runbox 7 is that it is best used with a local index of messages, it would be possible to have “Smart” folders that would work according to a number of editable parameters.

We’ve also mentioned in passing the idea of being able to save complex searches as folders so that the next time you need to do the same search you just click on a folder instead.

Any ideas are gratefully received; though we can’t promise we would implement them

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Smart folders as described would be really nice. It would diminish the need for more complex rules. And, if tied in with tagging or smart tagging it would really help you organize and filter through your emails.