Larger email typing window

The email typing window is to small by default. I know the email typing window can be clicked and dragged at the lower right corner to make it larger, but that’s an annoying step for typing every email.

Please make the default email typing window the same size as the large email reading window. It would be great if the header fields (To From Subject etc) could also be collapsed with an upward facing arrow near the HTML box.

Hello @Joe and thanks for your message!

The relative size of the Compose message text varies with the size of the browser window.

Are you referring to the PWA (mobile) version of Runobx 7, or could you perhaps provide a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Thanks again!

– Geir

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Screenshot of the email typing window that is too narrow. Making the From, To and Subject collapse would be an easy way to make this typing window larger. Windows 11 pc and Brave browser.