Line spacing

It looks like the font type or weighting is lighter in version 2018-06-29T17:41:11.767Z - or is it just me?

Either way, I like the look.

However, I would like to see the line spacing reduced quite a bit so that I can see more folders and more messages on one screen - more like it is in RB6.

I can’t see an existing issue for this, although I see that adjustable font size is covered in issue #827.


Hi Richard,

We are experimenting a bit with font faces after feedback here in the forum. The most recent version does have a thinner font face (Verdana Pro Light), similar to Runbox 6. However, it might be a bit too thin, making it less legible than what’s satisfactory for all users – so there might be further updates in the near future.

We’re considering the line spacing too, but we’d like a bit more “air” than the very dense Runbox 6 interface.

  • Geir

Thanks for the feedback Geir. I appreciate that this is a tricky area, especially with accessibility considerations.

I can see that RB6 might be too dense for some, but for others (inc. me) getting more on the screen to minimise scrolling is an objective.

I guess user-configurable options would be a way of letting individuals tweak the interface but I don’t know how easy that would be to do with your approach.

  • Richard