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I have just signed up for Runbox 7. I can’t figure out how to arrange my list of new folders alphabetically. Don’t see anything relevant in preferences.

Are all your folders named beginning with a capital (upper case) letter? This could cause the folders not to be listed alphabetically.

Yes - all are upper case.

Possibly, re-index the account? Failing that, report the problem to Runbox via

What do you mean by “re-index the account”?

In RB7, left hand column at the bottom: click on ‘stop index synchronization’ option, etc.

OK, did that. Apparently synchronization is now “deleted from my device”. Nothing has obviously changed. What was supposed to happen? The folders are still not in alphabetical order and I don’t know how to move them. I don’t understand what “synchronization” means in this context. Synchronized with what?

Hi @BrianT and welcome to the Runbox community!

All folders except for the standard ones (such as Inbox, Sent, Trash, etc) should be listed alphabetically by default; however as @FredOnline mentioned they are currently case sensitive so that capitalized folders will be sorted before ones starting with lower case letters.

If this does not correspond with what you are seeing, and you haven’t reordered any folders manually (which is possible by dragging and dropping them), would you mind posting a screenshot here or via Support at so that our technicians can investigate the issue?


– Geir

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