Login required each time app is closed (also causes problems with using 2FA) [#564]

Tested on Moto G2/Android 6

Runbox 7 PWA shortcut added to home screen.
Run the app.
Swipe close the app.
Run the app.
Login is required again.

Not sure if this is a function of it being a PWA rather than a standard Android app, but behaviour is not in keeping with other Android apps that require login credentials on install, but not subsequently.

Chrome typically caches the login username/password anyway, so this is not adding any security, merely an extra tap on the Login button.

Same on iOS 12. It’s quite impossible to copy-paste as I use a password manager to log in and the password and OTP code is in the clipboard.

App should have an option to remember login credentials at the login page, or some other “magic” to deal with that and totp auth as other mail apps (Tutanota and ProtonMail come to mind)

Unrelated, and I appologize, but I can’t find my runbox 7 URL to get in - it’s been a few months since I’ve played with the system, and the old system’s search function doesn’t work. Where do I log in? Thank you!

Thanks for your comments – we have an existing issue (#564) to keep you logged in.

Since the app is a PWA running in the browser on your device, destroying the session is consistent with web browser behavior. We’re discussing options here, but closing the app shouldn’t be necessary for power management (if that was the reasoning).

– Geir

In my experience, just backgrounding the app (on iOS 12.1 on an Xs) logs it out, so that the procedure of copying the (non-mnemonic) password to the clipboard and memorizing and entering a OTP has to be repeated each time the app is accessed.


I can’t reproduce the app logging out after switching apps, on the same device and iOS version. Does this occur even with short/immediate switching?

– Geir

I use the “Authy” app for 2FA with my desktop Runbox. This works perfect.

I tried using the “Authy” app for 2FA signing in through the Web App. By the time I go to the “Authy” to retrieve my token code, Runbox has signed out. I cannot use this Web App with a 2FA.

Has anyone had any success with 2FA?


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Hi @rhexter_1 I hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved your message to this existing topic where this problem was already mentioned. We’ll definitely look in to this for everyone who’s mentioned it here.

Just to add this is also an issue I have as well.


Any solution yet? I have to login repeatedly either phone (Runbox7 app) or computer (Firefox). It makes it really hard to work, and I have sign in for 3 years contract😫