Logout not working

I first experienced this a couple days ago, but assumed it was a fluke.

When I click the Log Out button, it does appear to log me out. However, if I then navigate back to the RB7 login URL, I am logged immediately into my account again. (I had been intending to log into a sub-account). Very odd. I am on a Mac using the latest version of Firefox (66.0.5 as of this writing)

Note that I have not yet attempted to close the browser to see if that has any effect, but the browser has been closed (and the computer shut down) many times since I first encountered this issue, so it clearly isn’t a permanent fix.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I haven’t see this behaviour myself, but I’ll look in to it and let you know if I can reproduce the behaviour.

No worries, @Dave. It’s been a while since I experienced this. I haven’t tried other browsers, so I don’t know if it was something specific to Firefox, which has since been updated to 67.

Log Out appears to work, but is very s-l-o-w. Nothing happens for a few seconds, and then the login screen appears.

iOS Safari.

Runbox7 is promoted as the fastest webmail client on the planet, but I find logging in and logging out to be sluggish.

I’ve always questioned the decision to host on the runbox.com domain. Could there be too much load? I know the answer — “sufficient load balancing implemented” — but as an engineer with experience in building fast web apps, I know that the hosting architecture is just as important as the app architecture.