Looking for a way to view all messages (all folders at once) [#958]

Wasn’t able to locate any info on this for the “app” but might have missed it, if so apologies, point me at it.

What I’m looking for is the equivalent of the regular web interface’s:

That’s available on my regular web interface by clicking the account name “folder” just above Drafts (two up from Inbox).

That lists everything, in every folder, all together. Don’t see anything like it in the app.

In case anyone is wondering why I want it: I find it very handy when I “know” I received a message but can’t find it (filtered to X, spam folder, whatever) to just pull up the all-folder and skimming down to the approximate time period and there it is. It’s good for other things too… Looking for large MB messages to delete, everything from sender so and so in every folder (filed in: Bob jokes, Bob Work, Bob useless stuff), and a host of other goodies.

If it doesn’t exist, consider this a feature request.

Thanks in advance…

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@m-g You make a good case for having this feature in Runbox 7 :slight_smile: We’ll discuss it and see if it is possible.