Lost emails- how can I find them?

is it possible to lose emails from Runbox? Two things have happened which is probably due to something I have done while sorting out emails and downloading to Thunderbird.

Firstly I seem to have lost a whole lot of emails after doing some pop moves with Thunderbird. They were on my inbox and disappeared after I moved them to another folder - doing this on Runbox not Thunderbird POP

The second odd thing I have noticed is one of my folders does not record that I have emails in that folder even when I have- that is the counter says 0 when emails are in? After using RB for years this is the first time this has happened but I have been using Thunderbird. I did create some folders while in Thunderbird but have since deleted IMAP

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Hi and thanks for your message.

To clarify, are you using Thunderbird with POP or with IMAP?

Are you seeing the missing messages in Runbox 6 at https://runbox.com/mail ?

If so, there’s probably an index discrepancy that can be corrected by us creating a new index for your account.

If not, please contact Runbox Support and we’ll have our technicians investigate the issue.

– Geir

Thanks for your advise Geir, I will send a private message to support as it may be best there.