Mail failure - no recipient addresses [#913]

Bug Report: Sent an email to myself and received a failure notice that there was no recipient.

Now I’m 99% sure I put the address in there but for sake of argument let’s say I forgot. In that case Runbox should run a simple check on the “To:” field and if NULL not send the email and should notify the user.

Runbox 7. Firefox. PC.

Hello. I think this issue has been raised directly with Runbox Support now? It’s something we will be looking out for as there has been one other report of this happening.

Hi Dave,

I replied to your email but wanted to keep this thread updated as well since you mention another user had the issue

It seems the issue may be with Runbox 7 allowing null recipient emails to be sent. I can’t be 100% sure that I put an address in the “To:” field and that there isn’t an issue there as well but after running tests I can say for certain that Runbox 7 does allow null recipient emails to be sent without error or warning.

Ah yes. I’ve just tested and you are correct. There doesn’t appear to be any checking that there is a recipient address. That bug must have crept in somewhere. I’ll make sure that gets passed on so that we can get that fixed. Thanks for checking that; much appreciated.

No problem Dave! Glad to help.

Thanks for your message – we have an existing issue (#913) for this bug.

– Geir