Mail List Pane Stays White with Dark Reader

I use the Dark Reader extension on the Chrome browser. This applies a dark mode to all web sites. In trying Runbox7 again, I found that the main email list pane (right side) stays white, while everything else, including individually opened emails, has a nice dark gray background. I’m assuming it is something encodes in this pane.

Since there isn’t a Runbox7 dark mode, can this be looked into?

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On the “More” tab of Dark Reader, change (in the middle) “Dynamic” to “Filter”.

Edit: Help – Dark Reader

Thanks I have tried that and I think it looks bad (to my eyes). Runbox7 is the only site I’ve come across that is mis-rendering with that extension. Of course, I’d prefer an actual dark mode setting as part of the application but I don’t think that’s coming anytime soon.

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Agreed :frowning: I get a thick blue bar at the top and the runbox logo disappears. To my eyes, that is still better than no dark mode or dark mode with a “screaming” message list.

Please let us know if you find a solution. I seem to have seen requests for RB dark mode since 2018 (Dark Theme, please) :scream:

Edit: I frequently use Thunderbird to read and write mail, using Dark Reader. To me, it looks nice. On the phone/tablet, I use K9 in dark mode.