Main Mail Menu

Runbox Beta 7 does not have a “Check mail” option or Inbox refresh option. I have the Runbox mail alerts enabled for my browser & do a browser refresh to make sure the inbox is current. Is a browser refresh necessary to see new mail or does the inbox work on a “push” system like text messaging & email apps where new mail automatically appears when it’s delivered?

I ask all of this because I was having trouble with 6 digit One Time Passwords (OTP’s) not being delivered to my Runbox email a couple days ago. I wasn’t sure if the many hours long delay was a problem with the website I was trying to sign into or Runbox experiencing a delay with delivering the email.

Please add a Refresh indicator next to Inbox so users know they can click Inbox to refresh and see new mail.

Add Shortcut to Mail Filters. Upon clicking they open in new Runbox Mail tab so they’re easy to create while email is open. Feel free to copy and save my modified version of the Mail menu so it can be used to add these changes. Thanks

Hello. The display should update automatically when new email arrives. You can always refresh the whole page if you are not sure, but it is designed so that new email appears when it arrives (there is a check every few seconds).