Mark Read / Mark Unread

If I’m missing something, please correct me, but I don’t see a Mark Read or Mark Unread button or icon in Runbox 7. Mark Read/Unread also needs to be front-and-center, as in Runbox 6, with no extra clicks (drilling down a menu tree) to get to it. I also need to be able to apply the setting, as in 6, to multiple messages simultaneously.

Overall I think Runbox 7 has many worthwhile new features, but if we’re losing this feature from Runbox 6, I can’t use Runbox 7, period. It’s that critical to the way I work with email. Especially at this holiday-shopping time of year when I get multiple emails daily from a number of merchants announcing (and repeating announcements of) various promotions, I need to be able to quickly scan through email headers and determine which few messages are worth my time to open today. I don’t want to unsubscribe from or autodelete these messages, because a few have an earned rewards code or are otherwise worthwhile. I also need to be able to see at a glance an accurate count of messages I still need to process in some way, so just filtering them into another folder (which I already do anyway) doesn’t satisfy this need.

There are also times when I read a message, don’t have time to deal with it immediately, but need to remark it Unread so I remember to deal with it later.

Hi David and thanks for your message.

There is a read/unread toggle button available in the message list when you select one or more messages (and in the opened message):

More information:

– Geir

Hi Geir,
Thanks for responding, but something’s still not working right for me.

I’m using Firefox 63.0.3 with nothing blocked on Runbox 7 with an FF add-on.

I select multiple messages in the folder. The column of icons you show pops on the right when I select the first message. I click the Toggle Unread button that looks like an envelope. These are new messages, already Unread. I don’t see a way to switch this toggle to Toggle Read, even in the User Manual.

Anyway clicking this envelope icon with messages selected causes a delay of several seconds while the request is processed. In Runbox 6, it’s an instant toggle to Unread vs. Read and back again.

After the delay the two areas indicating the request was being processed goes away, but the messages are still shown as Unread.

What does change the Unread messages that were toggled to Read status is leaving the folder and then coming back to it. This is kludgy compared to Runbox 6’s quick and accurate response to use of its Mark Read or Mark Unread toggle.