Mbsync keeps getting socket errors

I’ve setup mbsync to pull my emails (so I can read with neomutt). It connects to runbox, finds the folders but at some point during the synchronisation I get Socket error on mail.runbox.com ( timeout.

This looks like an issue on the mailbox end.

I tried using PipelineDepth 5 to get around any flaky-server issues as per the documentation but after 1800 messages the socket died again.

Ok disabling any serialisation worked it seems.

Limit concurrent connections. Some email clients ping so many times, RB might throttle them.

Hello! I’m running into this issue as well, but after looking at the documentation, i don’t understand these remarks:

I’m trying to run with PipelineDepth 1 – is that what you mean? I’m sorry, this is the first time i’m trying mbsync, but it’s appearing to be pretty slow and flaky, which is not what i’d expect from the comparisons with offlineimap :).


Some email clients put a limit on how many connections to the mail
server can be made within a sync period. I have so many folders, if I
don’t limit the amount of simultaneous connections, it could actually
slow my email down.

Yes, PipelineDepth 1 is what I meant. Slow as hades* but at least it doesn’t fail.

* Why is ■■■■ censored? Is this the Spanish Inquisition?

Yeah, i figured that must be it, discovered that worked last night. Thanks for confirming!

You’re right that it’s terribly slow. I wonder if Runbox can lift the concurrency limit a bit…?

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