Message action buttons (reply, forward, delete, close, etc. missing from one browser

I know this problem is limited to one browser (In this case, a fully up-to-date Firefox), but I still don’t know how to fix it. Somehow, I have managed to make the buttons that actually do things to messages disappear. I also can’t hide or show the preview pane. The light gray field where those controls should appear is super thin and completely empty.

Using another browser works for now, but I’d really rather not do this long-term.

Thanks for all assistance!

Hello. That’s interesting because I don’t see this problem in Firefox and use that as my main browser. Does the problem go away if you clear the browser cache? Is the window full screen or somewhat smaller as that can trigger the responsive design to go in to mobile mode? We have had a small number of other reports of buttons disappearing so it would be good to get some more information about this.

Hi @Dave,

I know that it isn’t a Firefox problem; rather, I am 100% sure it is something I have unintentionally done to Firefox. Clearing the cache didn’t solve the problem, and I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I have specifically cleared a browser’s cache. I actually had to go look for the place to do it! :slight_smile:

Resizing the window didn’t change the behavior, either. So that you could see what it looks like, I decided to take a screenshot:

The odd thing is, as soon as I did that, the display got even more messed up, and now cuts off most of the subject line as well, as shown in this second screenshot:

I don’t know what I did to cause it, but I’d really like to fix it, since, like you, it is my primary browser. Please let me know if there is further testing I can do for you.


Hi @wmrbf

Thanks for the screenshots. Yes, this looks like some of the other reports of this problem. There are two options here.

You could open a support ticket and I’ll look in to this with you in detail. I suggest a support ticket only because it would respect your privacy in case there are any account specific issues we need to discuss.

The other option is for me to ask you to disable all your browser add-ons to see if that makes any difference. If it does we can then work through the add-ons to see if one is causing the problem. If we can identity it I can then try to reproduce the problem this end and if I can then get someone to look at it so we can implement a workaround if that is possible.

Hi @Dave,

I have disabled all add-ons, with no change. So I will open a support ticket and we’ll continue. :slight_smile:


OK. That does seem the way forward for this particular issue. Thank you.