message count and deleted messages

I think I’ve seen something on this before, but I couldn’t find it, so I’ll start a new thread. I have noticed that R7 shows the correct non-deleted messages in a folder, but the message count next to the folder name shows the total number including the ones marked as deleted. This can be verified by looking at the same folder with R6 where the deleted messages still show with a line through them.

At what point do you purge / expunge the deleted messages? My email client follows every delete command with an expunge command for that folder. Do you not honor an expunge?

Except for issue #681, everything else seems to be working well.

Hi Barry. Which email client are you using please? It’s the client that purges the messages, not Runbox, so if you see then with a strike-through in RMM6 then they haven’t been purged by the client yet.

Yes, there is a known problem with the message count still including messages marked for deletion.

There are some choices in Thunderbird which affect this:
"When I delete a message:

  • move it to a folder
  • mark it as deleted
  • remove it immediately"
    There is also an option to “Clean up (Expunge) Inbox on Exit”

I did not have the correct options to do what I wanted. It’s fixed now.