Message display issue [#816]

I just got back from vacation and noticed something new…

I clicked on a message and it opened in the preview. However now it showed the message header and attachments above the message body. So by default i had the top half of the screen being the message headers. Then half of what was left displayed the header and attachments and the last quarter the message. So all in all i had about 1.5 inches of space to read the body of the message.

I added a screenshot to show you what i see.

In reality i don`t need to see that middle section. The line with the attachments should be the last thing on the bottom. But only that one little line. The header info should be collapsed by default with the ability to expand if so desired. Right now I have to manually drag up the preview pane to be able to view more of then message body, but that 2 inches of screen dedicated to the header info remains.

I am not sure if others find this a waste of screen real estate or not, but it drives me nuts.



This is something we can look at further. You can of course also view the messages full height. It has also been suggested that we have the preview pane on the right which will help with screens with limited height overall. When you drag the preview pane to make it taller it will remember this height until you reload the entire Runbox app in the web browser.

Thanks for your suggestion – this is now in the pipeline to production (issue #816).

  • Geir