Message not showing in Inbox


An odd one-off.

I know I received two messages from the same person yesterday evening, within 5 minutes of each other.

In RB7 Inbox I see only one of them (see ‘RB7 inbox1.jpg’), but if I search for “Kessel” they both appear, one in ‘Inbox’ and the other in ‘INBOX’ (RB7 inbox2.jpg) ???

They both show in Inbox in RB6.


I have an idea what might be causing this, but I will check with someone who knows a bit more about the folder structures so they can investigate. Thanks for letting us know.

Hi Richard,

This should now be fixed on the server, and your local index should be updated shortly as well.

The INBOX folder name may have been caused by an IMAP client if you are using that. If so, you may want to check that the root folder in your email client isn’t set to INBOX (which was in use in the past).

  • Geir