Message Threading?

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I think I remember seeing that you would thread messages together. But that’s not happening. Did I misunderstand? Right now, I have three emails from people on the same discussion showing up as three different threads.


If you check/tick the “Show threaded conversations” box (top right of screen), that lists them, but doesn’t really thread them together.

Thanks Fred!
Admins - is there a plan for actual threading?

Do we mean something like a “conversation” view here where you would see the messages threaded together in a list with the content showing? In other words a bit like a continuous conversation as you might have in text messages on your phone?

We are planning to change the threaded view to be shown indented inline instead of in a separate list.

Note that for messages to be shown in the same thread they must have the same subject line and (mostly) the same content.

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I’m simply expecting the standard feature that Mac Mail and Gmail already offer. It seems they also thread by subject and message content.

How do I activate message threading (conversation view)? Clicking on those 3 vertical dots, in the top right corner of the message list, only shows me “Keep preview pane open”…