Messages deleted

I just deleted some selected email messages and seem to be missing a whole lot of emails now. In fact, I have only 18 messages in my inbox.

The process of deleting messages in Runbox 7 seems simple, but can be a bit frustrating compared to Runbox 6, especially if you deviate to the left or right and accidentally select/deselect messages. I’m wondering if even though you are selecting only a block of messages on one screen it may be inadvertently selecting other messages you cannot see?

Strangely, I can recall having a similar experience of lost emails when I attempted to delete emails in the past on Runbox 7.

I’m curious if there is anything which may have caused my inbox to be only showing 18 emails when I thought I had hundreds of emails?

I’m also wondering if there is some browser or Runbox setting which can avoid the issue of deleted / moved messages still showing in their original folders? I use Brave Browser on Windows 10 and constantly have to refresh my browser after deleting / moving images.

Hello @eliza and apologies for the belated reply.

It sounds like what you describe may have been caused by the slowness and instability that our services experienced 1-2 weeks ago and hopefully the symptoms disappeared when our operations normalized.

Are you using a local/synchronized index in Runbox 7, and have the messages reappeared? Otherwise we can either re-index your account, and if this does not help, restore your account from a backup snapshot.

We are considering how message selection can be improved, among other things a button to check all messages in the list even if they are not visible. Currently it is not possible to check messages beyond the visible buffer, so I suspect there must be another reason for what you describe.

– Geir

Thanks Geir, I appreciate your reply.

I do believe I was using a synchronized index. The messages didn’t reappear but I’m happy to leave it for now. Great news to hear you’re looking at improvements for selecting images.